Anton Wolfi Defant


The Great Indoors


Sommer 2022



Betreut von

Stefan Diez


Running shoes with a suit, hiking backpack in the subway, functional outdoor wear is no longer reserved for those who wish to protect them selfs from the elements in nature. There high efficiency and functionality allowed their relevance to shift into urban and domestic settings. //Homes are no longer anchored but like basecamps travel with us trough towns and Countries depending on the momentary circumstances of our lives. Most of our furniture is not compatible with such lifestyle. Besides essentials like sleeping cooking and facilities (light, water, heating), the resting object is the next one that defines our well being at home, it is also the least flexible one when it comes to moving. Acquiring a new one every time is easier than disassembling, transporting and storing of the already existing. // Although designed for a completely different environment, functionally, camping furniture matches these requirements, but we tend to decide against them based on their appearance, quality and long term comfort. Improving these qualities would elevate camping furniture to an affordable and flexible alternative to low cost furniture. This opens up a new category of furniture that would after proving their selfs in the great outdoors, could now conquer territories of the great indoors as well.


Faltsofa, Produktdesign


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