Ran Chang


Secrets of the Chinese Restaurant


Sommer 2022



Betreut von

Oliver Kartak


This documentary focuses on Chinese restaurants in Austria. It shines a light on the Chinese community around the restaurant and tells about the tough way of life of overseas Chinese in Austria from the first arrivals until today. Beside general background information two protagonists tell their individual stories accompanied by reported scandals in context with Austrian politics, culture, and society. The documentary also reflects the influence of Chinese restaurants within the Austrian Chinese community and the local society. // Named Secrets of the Chinese Restaurant, the film is not intended to reveal the secret. It is just a metaphor indicating the process of generations of Chinese working hard overseas. What we see in the composition is only the surface, while the motivation is less known. “Secrets” is to give the audience more space to interpret the unknown side of “Chinese restaurants” through the simplest and unmodified dialogues, meanwhile, I also hope to give a chance to audiences to complete a new understanding of the Chinese people. The film aims to offer a reward for approaching the Chinese community with affection, which I consider as an expression of true feelings.


Documentary Film


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